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TSC Series



Liang Chi proudly offer our industrial grade, site erected counter flow tower design that provide maximum cooling performance and can be supplied in a variety of structural and equipments to meet your specific cooling needs, we offers the most effective and efficient cooling solution, Every equipments offers are made with high-quality field tested components and the counter flow design within a perfect in a variety of industrial application for power plants, petrochemical industry to large HVAC application.

All equipments are customed by individual customers specification and engineered to provide long and reliable service even in the most demanding condition. We access to the widest range of brand product, with supply, install and maintain hardware from manufacturers. For example Howden Fan, Hudson Fan, Cofimco Fan, IVI Fan, ADDAX Drive shaft, Amarillo Gear, Murphy Vibration Switch, Hansen Gear, Motor ABB, Motor Brook, Motor Siemen, Motor TECO and more.

TSC Tower Structure
Purchaser's Specsification

must clearly outline all conditions which are appclicale to the installation so that economical Cooling tower selection can be made based on a total costs. Items which should be given consideration for inclusion in specifications are listed below.

Design Conditions
1. Total Heat Load:Kcl/Hr
2. Circulating Water Flow :M3/Hr
3. Pump Head Required :M
4. Water Inlet Temp : ํC
5. Water Outlet Temp : ํC
6. Ambient Wet Bulb Temp : ํC
7. Average Wind Velocity and Direction
8. Available Installation Area
9. Electrical Voltage and Frequency
10. Conditions of Area Surrounding installation
Design Conditions

1. Mechanical Equipment Material Including fan, Reducer & Drive shaft
2. Meterials of Framework (H.D.G.S / FRP) and Casing
3. Materials and treatment of structure Connectors
4. Materials and treatment of piping systems.

Other Items

1. Purpose of tower usages
2. Location of piping
3. Capacity of cold water basin
4. Time of Delivery

Advantages and features
1. Highest Performance

Provide with more wetted surface for uniform water distribution and higher heat transfer efficiency. The filling and drift eliminator allow the maximum air volume through the cooling tower.

2. Lowest Maintenance

Construct with durable materials for Cooling Tower is H.D.G.S (Standard : ASTM A123)

3. Economical Operation

Optimize with special axial fans, speed reducer and drift eliminator etc. It is maximized the cooling performance at lower energy.

4. Noise Level

Design with large fans at low speed opertion to minimize noise pollution. The venturi fan cylinder will be added on larger Cooling Tower for low noise level.

Filling and Drift eliminator
Filling (PVC/PP)

High efficiency fill for TLD heavy duty counter flow type

All of Liang Chi’s fill products have been engineered for maximum performance, our experienced engineers will work with you to determine the ideal film fill for your particular application. Liang Chi’s standard fill shall be fabricated from rigid, corrugated PVC sheets that are conducive to cooling and resistant to UV, rot fungus, organic/inorganic solvents, acids, alkalis and chemicals commonly found in Cooling Tower waters. As an option, Opti-Bar is also available for counter flow towers, Opti type uses a patented floating hanger design that allows fill layers to float for excellent fit in slanted counter flow designs. This design offers reduced pressure drop, improved splash surface, non-fouling ability and maximum strength.

Drift Eliminator

Specifically-designed to achieve maximum drift removal efficiency in counter flow tower applications while keeping pressure drop significantly lower than cross flow Cooling Towers.

Main Equipment

Fan moter
Fan Moter

Liang Chi’s motors are specially designed for cooling tower applications, in totally enclosed (TEFC) construction to suit Cooling Tower industriesin accordance with IEC standard, IP55, three phase, and equipped in series with a whole host of features for maximum profitability usable and through various options optimally adaptable to their respective task, at the same time the motors are very compact at a high efficiency.

Gear Reducer
Durable Amarillo Gear Reducer

Design features and ratings are in accordance with or exceed the minimum requirements of AGMA (American Gear Manufacturers Association) and CTI (Cooling Technology Institute) standards.

Gear Reducer

Liang Chi Cooling Tower performing brand name in the Cooling Tower industry,The gear reducer we use are spiral bevel both single or double reduction models, we provides performance, reliability, and long life expectancy with proper care and maintence.

Drive shaft and coupling
Drive shaft and coupling

We can provide either epoxy composite carbon fiber /stainless steel driveshaft; every driveshaft is specifically manufactured and engineered for the specific application to achieve optimum performance.

Our custom made stainless steel drive shaft complete with spacers, couplings and hardware. Also the composite disc coupling provides the best value with corrosion resistance, high misalignment, fatigue resistance light weight and ease of installation.

FRP Fan Stack
FRP Fan Stack

Our fan stacks are manufactured from high quality hand-laid FRP.

FRP fan stack are designs to suitable your Cooling Tower fansize and easy for assembly and dismantling. Access door and frie retardant are optional depend your requirement.

Aluminium fan Blades / FRP fan blades
Aluminium fan Blades / FRP fan blades

The fans perform an important function in the operation of a Cooling Tower, It requires a lot of experience in the design and construction to ensure reliable continuous functioning of a Cooling Tower, offer effcient, quiet operation and long service life. Each cooling fan designs have its own unique characteristics in terms of effciency, noise levels and application.

Cooling tower nozzles
Cooling tower nozzles

Spray nozzle is an essential part of water distribution for large Cooling Tower; It ensures equal distribution of water to the cooling system. We offer a superior quality range of cooling tower nozzles, these nozzles are manufactured using optimun quality raw material, which is procured from the authentic vendors of the market, owing ti their features like corrostion resistance, easy usage, high durability and optimun performance.

Our custom made stainless steel drive shaft complete with spacers, couplings and hardware. Also the composite disc coupling provides the best value with corrosion resistance, high misalignment, fatigue resistance light weight and ease of installation.

Oil level switch
Oil level switch

Oil level switch shall be provided and installed outside to protect for sudden loss of oil or low oil level in the gear reduser.

Oil level switch
Vibration switch

Available in variety of models for applications on machinery or equipment where excessive vibration or shock damage the equipment or otherwise poses a threat to safe operation.

Recommened Installation area

1. A drafty site is needed for installation.
2. The installation site should be distant from places that are full of dust and acid air.
3. The location should keep aloof from chimney or other heat source areas.
4. Enough space should be made for connection of pipe to main machine.
5. Be sure to keep the tower vertically when installing it, the anchor bolt and steel support of water basin should be locked closely.
6. In design, the air will be sucked in through inlet louver into the tower so the proper distance between louvers and surrounding objects should be kept to avoid air deficiency due to the excessive resistance.

*Please refer to table for the details

80-125 2400 1300
150-175 2500 1600
200-225 3100 1900
250-350 3100 2200
400-450 3200 2500
500-600 3800 2800
700 3900 3100
800 3900 3400
900 3900 3700