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  • Category: Counter Flow Closed Circuit Cooling Tower 
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LCX Series

Closed circuit cooling tower equipped with stainless steel casing, heat exchanger coil and water sump replenishment system. Aluminium alloy fan blade and Alu Zinc fan stack. High grade PVC sprinkler system with ABS nozzle.



The fan drive system is the main component that allows heat transfer within the cooling tower, by pulling in cool ambient air and discharging saturated hot wet air. The frame is made of durable stainless steel mesh with Alu-Zinc fan stack. The blade is made of lightweight aluminium alloy giving it low noise and high transmission efficiency. The fan drive system is designed to be in line with the aerodynamics principle, making use of the air flow field theory to reduce the flow resistance. This can reduce the air outlet kinetic energy loss up to 34% and will improve the air flow and fan efficiency while also reducing power consumption.

Cooling Coil

The cooling coil is the key component of the closed circuit cooling tower as it holds the useful water and acts as a cooling medium between the useful water and the external wind and cooling water spray. This allows the useful water to be protected within the coil from the outside environment to ensure the water quality. Our cooling coil is made of stainless steel to provide durability and a long service lifetime.


The spray system consists of spray pumps, PVC connecting pipes, PVC sprinkler pipes and ABS nozzles. When the water outlet temperature exceeds the requirement, the system control automatically turn on the sprinkler system to aid with the heat transfer and help cool down the outlet water to meet the required temperature. Low-lift spray pumps are used to ensure a high flow rate and low water pressure. Couple this with low friction pipes to give the best water distribution through the nozzles and cause the least damage to nozzles. The nozzles are made of injection molded ABS equipped with rubber seals and designed to ensure the durability, long service life, uniform water distribution, good water droplet profile and the best cooling effect.


The main role of the eliminators is to reduce the drift loss (water droplets being pulled out by the fan) and re-capture the cooling water so it can be re-circulated through the sump. UPVC is used as the material of our eliminators. The eliminators are designed to ensure minimum static pressure to give suitable air flow and efficient ventilation, while not compromising its ability to re-capture water droplets. Our eliminators can achieve a drift loss of 0.01% giving excellent water-saving performance.

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