Certificates and Honours

Our endless efforts to develop the quality of the products have paid off as the company have received several awards which include the Taiwan Excellence Awards from Taiwan government.

  • Liang Chi invested a total of 30 Million in the establishment of the Asian First CTI-standard cooling tower performance testing lab which is the fourth in the world at the factory in Tao Yuan. In January 1996.
  • Liang Chi Taiwan was awarded with ISO 9001 Certificate and first CTI cooling tower thermal test certificate respectively in 1998.
  • Liang Chi Industry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. was awarded the ISO-9001:2000 Certificate in 2007 and was awarded the ISO-9001:2008 Certificate in 2010.
  • The following cooling tower’s models of Liang Chi Industry Company which are awarded the certificate of performance test issued by cooling tower institute (CTI) of USA which is an internationally disinterested organization:-
    • TLC Line of CTI Certified Cross-flow Cooling Towers
    • C-LC Line of CTI Certified Closed-Circuit Cooling Towers
    • U-LC Line of CTI Certified Cross-flow, Induced-draft, Least-noise Cooling Towers
    • R-LC Line of CTI Certified Cross-flow, Induced-draft Cooling Towers
    • D-LC Line of CTI Certified Counter-flow, Induced-draft Cooling Towers
    • Line of CTI Certified Counter-flow, Forced-draft Cooling Towers

Thus, the company’s determination to develop the products that meet the international standard is the main policy of Liang Chi to provide the best products to the customers.