LHC Series

            In Order to meet today's demand for environmental control, Industry has shown a growing interest in water reclamation. This is particularly so in the petroleum, petro-chemical and steel mills when the tremendous amount of water is consumptively utilized in the system.

            Liang Chi has started research and development of equipment inthis filed since 1972. Working in close cooperation with foreign leading manufacturers, Liang Chi developed a standardized  range of mpdel LHC cooling tower, It is mechanically suited for industrial process system.

              As the resuit of extensive experience gained in actual use over many years, Liang Chi cooling tower model LHC is recognized as products meeting the ultimately requirement of today's technology.

Highest  Performance 
Provide  with  more  wetted  surface  for  uniform  water distribution  and  higher  heat   transfer  efficiency.  The  filling  and  drift  eliminator  allow  the  maximum  air  volume  through  the cooling  tower.
Lowest  Maintenance 
Construct   With  Durable  materials  for  cooling  tower  like  preservative  treated  wood,  fiberglass  reinforced  polyester  and  asbestos  cement  boards.  The  steel  is  hot  dip  galvanized  after fabrication  to  be  anti-corrosive.
Economical  Operation 
Optimize  with  special  axial  fans,  speed  reducer  and  drift  eliminator  etc.  It  is  maximized  the  cooling  performance  at  lower  energy.
Noise  Level 
Design  with  large  fans  at  low  speed  operation  to  minimize  noise  pollution.  The  ventri   fan  cylinder  will  be  added  on  larger  cooling  tower  for  low  noise  level.
Inlet Louver 
P.V.C.  plastic  mesh  to  prevent  objects  entering  the  water  basin.


                All mechanical equipment for our Cross-Flow Type Cooling Tower is especially designed by ourselves for cooling tower application. For example, The fans are made of cast aluminium alloy for smooth quiet operation. Adjustable pitch blades can be freely adjusted to reach a maximum of air discharging efficiency according to requirements of air volume.


                Fiberglass Reinforced polyester fan stack employ "Aero Dynamic Contour" design. This Design allows close tolerance on fan blade tip Clearance plus less interference of air passing through the tower.


          Fill media is the most important component of cooling tower. We are using Quality material and unique designed by professional cooling tower engineers to maximize thermal performance and provide ease of operation.

          Thehign performance heavy duty PVC fills maximizes cooling efficiency and horse-power requirement.


               Wooden fill splash bars are preservative-treatment, supported on close center by non-corrosive F.R.P. grids.

               The F.R.P. Grid holds the filling in position per manently to assure uniform water distribution throughout cooling tower, reducing draft loss to minimum and result to maximum cooling efficiency. LHC Series cooling towers fill are also available in PVC material, such as V bars, Square bars, these splash bars are special designed for required surface area and allow uniform distribution of water over it and ensure smooth flow of air without much pressure drop.


                The distribution valve used in our Cross-flow type cooling tower model LHC is made of cast iron valve body and brass control disk, It provide the water flow smoothly without interruption and being easily adjusted for long life and low maintenance.


                The "Liang Chi Nozzle" metering orifices used in the hot water basin of our Cross-flow type cooling tower model LHC are dpecially designed to deliver required water distribution and are highly resistant to temperature and weathering damage, also eliminates the need for a separate diffusion desck to provide complete water distribution throughout the filling area. 


Drift Eliminator
                Low drift rate is the primary goal of eliminator design, and low pressure drop.

Design Conditions :

  1. Total  heat  Load :  Kcal/Hr
  2. Circulating  Water  Flow : M³/Hr
  3. Pumping  Head  Required : M
  4. Water  Inlet  Temp. :  ­°C
  5. Water  Outlet  Temp. :  °C
  6. Ambient  Wet  Bulb  Temp. :  °C
  7. Average  Wind  Velocity  and  Direction
  8. Available  Installation  Area
  9. Electrical  Voltage  and  Frequency
  10. Conditions  of  Area  Surrounding  Installation  Site

Materials to be used :

  1. Mechanical Equipment Material Including Fan, Reducer & Drive Shaft.
  2. Materials of  Framework and Casing
  3. Materials and Treatment of Structure Connectors.
  4. Materials and Treatment of Piping System.

Other Items :

  1. Purpose of Tower Usages.
  2. Location of Piping.
  3. Capacity of Cold Water Basin.
  4. Quality of Circulation Water.
  5. Time of Delivery.

Remarks :
In case RC structure all parts mention *  must be RC too.