The History of Liangchi

          Liang Chi is a leading cooling tower manufacturer in the world, with 50 years experiences in the cooling tower industry, our cooling tower products are widely used in the industries and received high reputation. Liang Chi devotes to produce quality, service and innovation. Currently we have five factories in China, one in Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, and Indonesia. Our total factories area cover 500,000 square meter, total employee approximately 3,000 and more, with annual cooling tower production capacity of 4,000,000 tons per year. These facts doubtlessly make Liang Chi the biggest cooling tower manufacturer in Asia. All manufacturing facilities are certified with ISO 9001:2008 standard certificates to ensure that our customers will receive highest quality cooling towers.

             Liang Chi offers various types of cooling tower ranging from bottle type and square type induced draft counter flow cooling tower, square type induced draft cross flow cooling tower with robust and anti-corrosive FRP material, counter flow and cross flow type field erected cooling tower with quality treated wood structure and pultruded FRP structure cooling tower, closed circuit cooling tower, plume abated cooling tower, CTI (Cooling Technology Institute) certified TLC series cross flow cooling tower, and to a newly innovated and patented Fan less cooling tower that incorporates no mechanical moving parts and provides super low noise operation with no vibration, therefore it is ideally for environmental concern location such as hospital and hotel. Other than cooling towers, Liang Chi also manufacture FRP tank, Chemical Storage tank, and other customized FRP products.