TLC Series

                Liang Chi proudly offers our industrial grade, site erected counter flow towers design that provide maximum cooling performance and can be supplied in a variety of structural and equipment to meet your specific cooling needs, we offers the most effective and efficient cooling solutions, Every equipment offers are made with high-quality field tested components and the counter flow design within a perfect in a variety of industrial application for power plants, petrochemical industry to large HVAC application.

                All equipment are customer by individual customers specification and engineered to provide long and reliable service even in the most demanding condition. We access to the widest range of brand products, with supply, install, and maintain hardware from manufacturers. For example Howden Fan, Hudson Fan, Cofimco Fan, ADDAX Drive shaft, Amarillo Gear, Murphy Vibration Switch, Hansen Gear, Motor ABB, Motor Brook, Motor Siemens, Motor TECO and more.

lo Gear, Murphy Vibration Switch, Hansen Gear, Motor ABB, Motor Brook, Motor Siemens, Motor TECO and more.




Highest  Performance 
TLC incorporates new design of vacuum-formed rigid PVC filling with increased heat transfer area and heat rejection efficiency. 
Lowest  Power Consumption 
High efficient hydrodynamics "Venturi tube" fan stack with low resistance filling facilitates good ventilation and reduction of fan motor power to save electrical energy.
Lower Drift Loss Rate
Drift eliminator design pattern is embedded in the rigid PVC filling  to economize the space for maintenance inside cooling tower plenum. Drift loss is less than 0.005% of the circulating water flow rate.
Durableness and Low Maintenance
Major components of TLC such as casing, fan stack, basin, access door and inlet louver are made up of anti-corrosive FRP material, and all steel parts are hot-dip galvanized to enable the durableness and low maintenance cost.
Simplified Tower Frame Work Provides Ease of Handling and Assembly
TLC minimized the complicated steel structures while at the same time maximized the use of light weight, strong construction FRP components. As the overall structure is simplified therefore providing easy handling and shorter assembly time.
Easy of Piping Works
Multiple-cell design with independent water basin, all piping connection, except inlet pipe, are gathered on the basin. Piping are reversible to meet with the site condition. Common water basin can be furnished as an option, cell partition for independent operation of each cell is also available as option.
High Efficiency Distribution System
Gravitational Distribution System with spray nozzles feature llow pressure and slow water flow which can prolong cooling duration and ensure cooling efficiency.


  Machanical Driving Equipment

               Motor is out of air stream with single speed reduction speed reducer equipped with high-strength V-belt with adjustable tension mechanism. Speed reducer isdesigned with FRP cover preventing contact with warm and moist air exhaust from tower.




              It is specially design with wide-span, streamed-line, adjustable axial fan blade so it is able to acquire large air volume under low revolution speed. Air guiding cover is equipped under fan hub to prevent re-circulation of hot air, render smooth operation and increase efficiency.

*Optional Energy saving aerofoil axial fan constructed of light weight aluminium alloy material with adjustable pitch.




               Rigid FRP fan stack providing secured fan operation and smooth circulation of air.



  Hot Water Basin

              Gravity type water distribution system, hot water basin is constructed of FRP material with robust design. Hot water basin is evenly sprinkled over the filling by metering orifice. This gravity type water distribution system requires less pump head than the traditional sprinkler head or nozzles.



  Fill and Drift Eliminator

               Vacuum-formed PVC rigid filling (Model LE-15) with embedded drift eliminator design provide increased heat transfer area and efficiency. New filling pattern slows down hot water from falling into cold water basin and therefore increases the heat transfer efficiency. Integral type drift eliminator limits the drift loss to less than 0.005% of the circulating water flow rate and yet provides sufficient maintenance space inside cooling tower plenum.



  Casing and Partition

              Constructed of anti-corrosive FRP material, robust, weather proof, and anti-deformation. Casing panel is designed for easy handling, assembly, and harmonize with building architecture. Optional cell partition is also constructed of FRP material, it allows each cell to operate independently.



  Access Door

               Constracted of anti-corrosive FRP material. It provides convenient access for inspection, maintenance and repairs.



  Cold water basin

              Constructed of FRP anti-corrosive FRP material. TLC cold water basin is composed of lesser pieces of FRP panels with less joints that require fibergless over-lay, therefore it is ideal for leak free operation.




               TLC revolutionizes the steel structural frame work of the traditional cross flow cooling tower by simplifying the tower frame work but yet maintain strength. The tower structural frame work is constructed of hot-dip galvanized steel, robust and free of rust. The new structural frame work design provides ease of handing an assembly. 




              Internal pipe, FRP Hood, Hard rial and leader Cage, hot water basin cover.


Design Conditions :

  1. Total  heat  Load :  Kcal/Hr
  2. Circulating  Water  Flow : M³/Hr
  3. Pumping  Head  Required : M
  4. Water  Inlet  Temp. :  ­°C
  5. Water  Outlet  Temp. :  °C
  6. Ambient  Wet  Bulb  Temp. :  °C
  7. Average  Wind  Velocity  and  Direction
  8. Available  Installation  Area
  9. Electrical  Voltage  and  Frequency
  10. Conditions  of  Area  Surrounding  Installation  Site

Materials to be used :

  1. Mechanical Equipment Material Including Fan, Reducer & Drive Shaft.
  2. Materials of  Framework and Casing
  3. Materials and Treatment of Structure Connectors.
  4. Materials and Treatment of Piping System.

Other Items :

  1. Purpose of Tower Usages.
  2. Location of Piping.
  3. Capacity of Cold Water Basin.
  4. Quality of Circulation Water.
  5. Time of Delivery.