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          Liang Chi Taipei headquarter is located at No.1 ,  Sec.3 , Nanking E. Rd., Taipei, which is the leading center of Liang Chi International Group. In addition to the sales and service dept. at our Taipei headquarter, each of the island’s eight branch office employs sales rep., excellent technical expert and experienced service personnal so as to provide rapid, devoted service.



The Largest Cooling Tower Manufacturing Factory in Asia The Largest Specialized  F.R.P. Manufacturer In Taiwan

          The Liang Chi Taoyuan plant is located in Luchou village,  Taoyuan county, with the area of 80,000 square meters.  Liang Chi has accumulated 42 years of experience in producing cooling tower for air-conditioning & industrial uses and various F.R.P. Products.  Today Liang Chi is the largest manufacturer of Cooling Tower and F.R.P. products in Asia,  with production facilities covering most area among cooling tower manufacturers in Asia.  Our plant features the finest state-of-the-art equipment, the most advanced production technology and strict quality control.  All the production processes of cooling tower parts,  F.R.P. Products plastic parts and wood treatment are in a consistent operation. Design, production,  construction and after-sales service are accomplished successively.  We put into our work with the philosophy of “creating leading quality and providing devoted service” to reward and serve our public society.


Successful Operations in China and Stand Tall in the Market

          To meet the needs of various China’s territories, Liang Chi China Group has successively set up the six factories,

[tab: Xiamen]

  • Do exportation and serve three provinces of Fujian, Jiangxi and Hunan.


[tab:Shanghai Factory]

  • Serve the market of Central China.


[tab:Guangzhou Factory]
  • serve the areas of Guangdon and Guangxi and Hainan.


[tab:Tianjin Factory]
  • Serve the area of North Chian and Northeast Region.



[tab:Chengdu Factory]
  • Serve the Western areas.




Manufacturing and supply of motors.

          Liang Chi Motor Co., Ltd. founded in Shanghai in 1966, is specialized in manufacturing single phase and three phase AC induction motor. Liang Chi Moter Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Liang Chi International Coration – The largest profressional manufacturer of cooling towers in the industrial field of air conditioning systems in Asia.