Liang  Chi  Industry Company Limited is a leading company in the world  market on the production of cooling tower.  The company has been successful in Taiwan for over 50 years, and in Thailand for over 35 years. Liang Chi Industry company was established and expanded with the development on cooling tower technological potential to go side by side with your industry.  Under the operational  policy directed to prosperity, we have the main intention of producing cooling tower, water tank, chemical tank, utilizing machinery and modern production technology from Taiwan, which, at present, has advanced to the global standard, and bringing this into Thailand; and also with our resolution to maintain the efficiency standard continuously as a guarantee to customers that their investment in their industry on cooling tower or other Liang Chi’s products is the most worth while.

Regarding the previous success of Liang Chi Industry Company Group since the establishment of the company in 1962 in Taiwan, it can be summarized as follows.